We service compressors and vacuum pumps of all brands

Compressor Engineering services any brand compressor
The funny thing about air compressors and vacuum pumps is that they are all the same and, at the same time, they are all different. We don’t mean just in terms of exterior colour – similar to cars, the mechanisms behind the running of a compressor are fundamentally the same across all brands. As such, servicing any brand of compressor or vacuum pump relies on the same basic principles. However, they do not all run on the same technology or on the same maintenance schedules. Keeping with the car analogy, the difference between the various brands is why you go to a different garage for a Tesla than you would if you owned, say, a Ford pickup.

Generally, owning equipment made by different manufacturers can be a hassle. In order to keep up with the different needs of your machinery, you end up juggling various suppliers with experience in one specific area. That involves additional administration, negotiating with various contacts, complex planning around multiple schedules to arrange maintenance and the possibility of more downtime. Worse yet, you may end up dealing with the finger pointing when trouble arises and no straightforward way to get your production back online.

Compressor Engineering service engineers can look after all brands of air compressors and vacuum pumps
Enter Compressor Engineering. As part of the Atlas Copco Group, we have access to the technical know-how of the compressed air world’s leading research and development teams. That means that our engineers have mastered the management and servicing of all types of compressor, whatever the technology; vane, screw or piston. And, because we have some of the best engineers in the industry, with many years of experience, we are able to offer complete maintenance for compressors and vacuum pumps of all brands.

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Doesn’t servicing all brands mean that shortcuts will be taken with the machines that aren’t Atlas Copco brand?

Not at all. We respect our customers and we pride ourselves on our ability as engineers. When we service and maintain equipment produced by another manufacturer, our engineers follow the original equipment manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and use parts and service items that meet the specifications of each machine. Through a combination of training, experience and an extensive technical support, we can offer service for compressors and vacuum pumps of all brands to the same high standards as we do for Atlas Copco equipment.

Compressor Engineering is an approved installer of AirNET pipework compatible with all brands of compressor or vacuum pumpBy aligning the preventive maintenance for Atlas Copco and other manufacturers’ equipment, we provide you with a streamlined package, minimising administration costs and complicated scheduling. This results in maximum availability of your compressed air system. We assure the reliability of your entire compressed air installation, as well as the quality of the compressed air. In short, Compressor Engineering can make your life easier, as a single source service provider for your entire compressed air or vacuum pump system. All so you can focus on the things that you know best.

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What about the spare parts for compressors and vacuum pumps made by other manufacturers?

Will at the Compressor Engineering Trade counter offering spare parts for all brands of compressor or vacuum pumpWe have access to a global network of suppliers who can offer us genuine compressor spares and vacuum pump parts as well as third party alternatives. All parts supplied by us meet or exceed the specifications of the equipment they are used with. The decision about which ones will be used as part of our servicing schedule lies entirely with you.

Will it be more costly to go through Compressor Engineering for servicing your air compressors and vacuum pumps with genuine spare parts? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Our network benefits from discounts that are often unavailable to your local suppliers of genuine spare parts. It might also help to know that we will beat your existing supplier’s air compressor or vacuum pump servicing quote by 10%.

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