Vacuum pumps

Atlas Copco is the world’s leading provider of compressed air systems, with more than 140 years’ experience bringing you the most sustainable compressor solutions. This expertise led to the invention of VSD and VSD+ compressors which reduced energy costs to unmatched levels. And now this experience has been used to develop a groundbreaking innovation in industrial vacuum pumps as well.


GHS730 VSD vacuum pumpGHS Variable Speed Drive rotary screw vacuum pumps

The GHS VSD+ is the superior alternative to traditional oil-injected vane pumps. These oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps have a capacity  of up to 1900 m³/h. With an average of 50% energy savings, clean and quiet operation, and a compact all-in-one package rough vacuum users can now have peace of mind.  The same quality, reliability, low lifecycle costs, user-friendly interface and ease of serviceability as you’ve come to expect from your Atlas Copco compressor is now available for your vacuum pump as well. Enjoy the benefits of a single source provider for all compressor, industrial gases, and vacuum requirements managed by Compressor Engineering.




dry claw vacuum pumpDry claw vacuum pumps

Atlas Copco has recently introduced the DZS range of dry claw vacuum pumps with capacities up to 300 m³/h. This revolutionary design creates a new standard in the claw pump market. Customers in various industries could benefit from simple, robust and efficient vacuum technology. Built to the exacting standards and quality demanded by our customers, the new dry claw pump provides you with a trouble-free and cost-effective solution to meet your needs. The vacuum pump design offers removable claws, easy to clean and change seals and reassembly without touching the gearbox reducing downtime and aftermarket cost. A simple and durable vacuum pump for your process.