Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators


on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators

Switch to on-site gas generation to lower costs and become independent of third party suppliers. Generating nitrogen and oxygen in your own facility has never been easier. The Atlas Copco gas generation equipment comes ready to use and requires only compressed air in order to run.


on-site nitrogen generatorNitrogen Generators

Compressor Engineering specialises in sales and installation of Atlas Copco nitrogen generations with Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) and NGM membrane separation.

The NGP PSA generators offer a continuous flow of nitrogen with purity from 97% up to 99.999% and flow from 4 to 1100 Nm³/h. This equipment uses a 2-stage process: adsorption by a carbon molecular sieve and regeneration. It is applicable to industries such as food and beverage, storage and packaging, electronics, pharmaceuticals, plastics and others.

The MGM membrane nitrogen generators deliver nitrogen with purity from 95% up to 99.5% and flow from 5 to 500 Nm³/h. These generators use a membrane consisting of polymer fibers and separates the gas based on the difference in permeability. Applications include fire/explosion prevention, blanketing, oil & gas, tire inflation, marine and packaging industries.

Atlas Copco on-site nitrogen generators set a new standard in gas generation having the lowest air factor, easy start-up and purity regulation and unique saving algorithm allowing for up to 50% energy savings. It is often up to 20 times cheaper to use on-site generated nitrogen compared to relying on bottles.




Oxygen Generatorson-site oxygen generator
The OGP Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) generator offers a continuous flow of oxygen with purity from 90% up to 95% and flow from 2 to 200 Nm³/h. It uses a 2-stage process: adsorption by Zeolite and regeneration. These oxygen generators are perfectly suitable for wastewater, chemical processing, medical applications, ozone production and glass industry.

Atlas Copco oxygen generators offer a reliable and stable oxygen supply with the right purity for your needs. This technology helps you avoid downtime due to processing, refilling, or late delivery, at minimum operating and maintenance costs.



For more information about on-site nitrogen and oxygen generation visit Atlas Copco website.