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Compressor hire for the Northamptonshire & Bedfordshire and Greater Manchester areas

Compressor hire for workshop air by Compressor Engineering
If you are looking for compressor rental, we hold a range of electrically-driven rotary screw air compressors ranging from 20CFM to 700CFM as well as refrigerant dryers, desiccant dryers, filtration and ancillaries available for hire. Whether you need a machine for just few days or for the long term, Compressor Engineering will have machines available immediately to keep your operations running.

If your production has ground to a halt and you need compressed air straight away, hiring a compressor from Compressor Engineering is one of the best decisions you can make. Most of our hire compressors are Atlas Copco air compressors, which are known for their endurance and reliability in tough industrial environments. Together with our factory-trained team of service engineers, local to Northampton, Bedford, Warrington and Manchester, your operations are in safe hands.

No need to struggle with figuring out what size compressor you need to rent! Most often, it’s easiest to replace a compressor like-for-like, especially when it’s for a short term hire. But that may not be the cheapest or most energy efficient option available for you, depending on the age and type of your existing compressor and the requirements of your system! Our team has more than 100 years’ experience in the field of compressed air and will help you identify the right compressor to hire for your specific needs and application.

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Competitive rates for second-hand purchase

Compressor rental by Compressor Engineering

The machines in our hire fleet are available for second-hand sale. When you cannot afford to consider purchasing a compressor from new, this option can be very advantageous. Why is that? We service our compressors according to the manufacturer’s guidelines with genuine spare parts and oils. It means when you buy a second hand compressor from Compressor Engineering, you get a machine whose service history you know and whose spare parts are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. That’s not a promise that you can get out of all companies who sell used air compressors! Buying a used compressor doesn’t have to be a gamble – ask us about purchasing a machine from our compressor hire fleet and their associated ancillaries.

For further details of short or long term hire of compressors, refrigerant and desiccant dryers, filtration and ancillaries as well as enquiries about buying used air compressor and dryers, contact us today!

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