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Atlas Copco’s concept of GA workplace compressors means that the complete air system can be placed anywhere within the workplace environment. All ancillaries, such as air and condensate treatment equipment, are integrated to provide an all-in-one package that no longer needs sitting within a conventional compressor room but is placed next to the point of use in the production area.

The recently updated G range of air compressors is the ideal compressed air solution for small businesses. Atlas Copco G Series use rotary screw compressor technology and are available in 7kW to 15kW. They are quiet, reliable, and easy to install and operate.

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Oil-injected screw compressor VSD+ FF

Industrial compressors

We offer our customers the widest choice of compressor types and capacities to suit individual needs. Compressor Engineering supplies oil-free piston compressors, oil-lubricated and scroll compressors, oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors and rotary screw with Variable Speed Drive compressors offering outputs from 8.5cfm up to 2000cfm.


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